Masonry heater principles

QuerschnittBiofire-3.-EspThe masonry heater is a radiant heat source fuelled by wood in its natural form. Radiant heat is emitted from the kachelofen/kakenlugnar and rather than heating the air in the room it heats people, objects and structures (thermal mass) with a healthy pleasant warmth similar to the warmth of sunlight through glass. It is a perfect heating system independent of electricity and fossil fuels. It creates a relaxed living atmosphere in harmony with our environment which will the comfort centre of the home.


  • Intelligent energy management
  • Use of renewable energy resource
  • No exploitation of fossil fuels
  • Efficient use of existing energy resources
  • High level of efficiency of the heating system
  • Use of regional energy resources
  • Avoidance of unnecessary transportation
  • Independence of electricity

Qualities of a kachelofen/kakenlugnar

  • Efficiency of up to 85%
  • Provide clean combustion at high temperature
  • Create little or no pollution
  • Require very little maintenance
  • Only need to be fired once or twice a day
  • Are individually designed to suit your needs
  • Utilise radiant heat
  • Create little or no dust
  • Have a low heating surface temperature
  • Offer independence from fossil fuels and electricity
  • Do not cause any odours
  • Do not dry the air in the room
  • Do not make any noise

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