Eco-friendly masonry heaters


Masonry heaters, tile stoves, kakenlugnar (Swedish) or Kachelofen (German), have been around for centuries, and with good reason.

The fireproof material of the stoves (masonry, clay or ceramic) is designed to heat up, creating a ‘thermal mass’ that then gives out heat for hours and hours. A single fuelling in the morning can keep the room warm all day.

Because they use almost all of the fuel’s energy in heating (over 90% in many cases!), they are far more efficient ┬áthan other heaters and boilers that lose most of heat directly through their chimneys.

And because they tend to burn eco fuel (natural wood), they’re also sustainable, and operate with a carbon-neutral footprint. Read more detail about the technology and energy savings…

Ecofire Ireland sells and installs Biofire Kachelofen stoves from Austria, and Gabriel Kakenlugnar tiled stoves from Sweden.

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